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Because being a zombie is awesome, guys. Only three more shifts of it, though. That may be a good thing, since it's a pretty exhausting job... oh, and the part where I'm moving into my dorm on the fourth. You know, little things like that.

I've been surprisingly on top of things for the past couple of weeks, however scattered and hectic the inside of my brain has been. I mean, I've been going to work and talking to friends and flirting with baristas and going to medical appointments and taking care of the animals... and spending way more money on coffee than I can sustainably afford, but.

But back on the topic of zombies. It's weird, working this job and getting into character - as a flesh-hungry, knife-loving cannibal cook, as a playfully destructive, viciously petulant little zombie girl, and as a syrupy-sweet, Legitimate Candy Van undead aristocrat - I've been summoning up weirdly alien motives and emotions and thought patterns. Being callous or vicious or predatory... or even just assertive and loud or controlling and dominant... those aren't readily accessible character traits. It feels a little weird. Kind of weird in the way that wearing a giant hoop skirt feels weird; it's a different way of moving and of arranging my body, and it's something of which I am very acutely aware, but at the same time it kind of guides itself and starts to feel, if not natural, then... automatic? If that isn't too contradictory.

And now, having discussed my skirt-wearing habits, I shall look through this huge whack of papers I got from the trans health people.
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