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The week ahead is shaping up to be Ridiculously Busy. That's kind of cool. The fact that my week is shaping up to be Ridiculously Busy and I have a broken computer is... not so much. I think I'm supposed to be meeting someone to watch anime and hang out drinking coffee, but, uh. They haven't returned my texts this morning. And I discovered much to my chagrin that the machines at which I need to renew my transit pass are in fact locked down on Sunday. No, really. Steel sheeting like they scroll down over shop windows at night in the bad parts of town. Why?! What possible sense does that make? I really hope the bus drivers afford me some sympathy. Or that I can hitch a ride. Ugh.

But that's just this afternoon. Tomorrow I need to find the time to nip over to the thrift stores before I go to group, and of course get my shit together for chem lab. Then of course on Tuesday there IS the chem lab... On Wednesday not only do I have class, and club meeting, and an appointment with the psych on campus, but I also have training for Fright Nights. With everything else going on I'm kind of pissing myself over having one more obligation, but seriously, having this training? A Good Thing. Roamer training. As in yes, I get to be one of the people running around being a creep outside the house. Hell yes! HELL YES!

(And of course I still don't know what the deal is with my computer, whether it will be fixed and on what sort of time frame and at what cost. So there is probably more stuff stashed away in the recesses of my calendar that will bite me in the arse at some point.)

But yeah, it would have been nice to have one evening off. Which is something I won't be getting, because I definitely need Thursday afternoon/evening (...I may skip my chem tutorial, midterms be damned) to finish my costumes for Aki Con, oh yeah, and to bake a pumpkin pie, because I felt like I didn't have enough on my plate as it was, so I decided Thanksgiving should happen at the convention. Then Friday is more schooling, and making a dash for the border with pie in tow. Then the weekend. Then midterms. Then Fright Nights. Then NaNoWrimo.

It was nice knowing you?

Though... I think keeping this kind of crazed schedule may be one of the things that can trigger a manic state in me? I wouldn't put money on it, but it's happened before, where overloading and overworking and overstressing myself just makes me feel completely electrified and fiery and go into the kind of crisis-management high that Gets Shit Done. Maybe it's not the best for me, but it feels nice and, well, Getting Shit Done... Even if it is stuff that's not exactly going toward a degree. :P But this period of time during which I am totally filled to the gills is a lot longer than I'm used to sustaining that buzz. We'll see how it goes, I guess. I mean, I'm also probably overthinking this because I didn't sleep last night and everything seems both more exciting and more complicated when faced without rest.


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