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There's good news and bad news.

The good news is that I have been approved for surgery and can now schedule any time I want.

The bad news is that I still only have $4500 of the six thousand for the surgical costs, not counting the extra I will need for travel, food, hotel, etc. I don't have a job, so I very much doubt that there exists a bank willing to extend a loan. Getting a job is... complicated. I am not particularly confident in my ability to handle another Real Life commitment. I also don't think it's all that likely any place of employment would take all that kindly to me requesting a week and a bit off to go traipsing off to Ohio for a medical procedure which might make me slightly ineffectual at work even after that - not to mention that I would already be requesting whole weekends off in February and April. I guess those things shouldn't really stop me applying, but it's quite difficult not to get into self-defeatism and lazy complacency. Well, discontent, but I don't think complacency and discontent are exclusive. Case in point: much of the time I have already wasted.

I like to think I am in most things a pretty patient person, but then there are some times when I am about ready to crack all my teeth champing at the bit because things just aren't fast enough, damnit! I'm just not sure if this is a reasonable thing about which to feel so impatient. Does it make sense, given I've been sitting around waiting for so long for this? Or should I just be able to sit back and chill for an amount of time that is by now miniscule in comparison to that which elapsed before it?

Jack is a whiny loser, oh yes.

Also I now have to get up and do constructive things. Woo hoo!
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