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Terri has me transcribing Miyazaki scripts for plays (this is slightly less illegal than it sounds). I'm about a third of the way through Princess Mononoke, and the leper chief has this interesting line:


The interlinear translation on the transcript I have translates this as "I curse the world, I curse people, and yet I still want to live." The subtitles on the movie, however (these may be fansubs or they may be a rip; I couldn't find my disc D:) translate the line as "The world is cursed, people are cursed, yet still we want to live."

Two completely different meanings. I don't know which one I like better, or how to phrase it in English to retain both interpretations...
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I've watched a bit of the Kuroshitsuji dub up on Funimation's Youtube channel...

It's not as bad as it could be, not by a long shot. I suppose I should have more faith in Funimation; I do usually like their work as a studio. Madam Red actually sounds just right. Surprisingly. Sebastian... well, following after Daisuke Ono is no mean feat. So I mean, I'm trying not to make comparisons, but to take them separately. Which kind of just leaves me picking at his accent. Things like saying 'scone' wrong. :P He's got the typewriter sound down, but his vowels aren't always on form. Though he did say 'amateur' just SO posh-ily. 8D His character is kind of growing on me, I must admit. It's different, but it's not necessarily worse. I do have to give him kudos for managing to say 'one hell of a butler' without it sounding completely wrong against the upper-class accent.

But there is something that bugs the hell out of me. The house staff. Some of my favourite characters, and I think, so far, some of the weakest accent work. It makes me kind of want to cry. Also - why the heck is Bard English in this? He's supposed to be American, isn't he? So why force a distracting fake accent on him? Finny is endearing but not great, Meirin (why aren't they calling her Maylene?) sounds kind of like her Japanese voice but I don't think it translates all that well. Tanaka, however, is AWESOME.

Lizzie sounds a little lower-class, a little Australian sometimes... maybe she gets better as the series goes on and she gets used to her voice. I'm not too keen on Undertaker, though if I hadn't come to love his seiyuu quite so much I might not be so harsh. I think he sounds too gruff and not crazy enough. Lau is... he's okay. Which is kind of how I felt about him in Japanese, really, so I can't complain.

The background voices are kind of distracting; half of them are perfect. The other half are ear-scathing.

I'm deliberately not commenting on Ciel or Grell; I need to see them later on in the series to really be sure of my opinion. I need to hear Ciel breaking down and Grell going batshit. Though I must say that the Ciel-pretending-to-be-a-girl voice was pretty impressive, and the corset scene was unexpectedly still... interesting. :P

So yeah. I think Grell and Angelash will be the swing votes on this. But it's not BAD, really. Just. Not quite as purr-inducing as the original.

*refusing to hate dubs on principle*
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So, Kuroshitsuji's been cast in English, and my reaction so far is distinctly 'meh'. But even as I found this news, I'd been surfing IMDB for British actors on the off chance I stumbled over a genie stuck in an old teakettle or something and was made casting director... Anyway, this kid (seen in the first bit and from 4:16) just totally is Ciel to me. Or maybe Alois. I mean, really...

Old guy: If it ain't green, y'don't shoot. What'd I just say?
Boy: If it isn't green, one doesn't shoot.
Old guy: Not unless you want to knock off 'Atti'es cat. Or a goat. Or worst of all..." *shoots human-shaped target*
Boy: *grin* Excellent.

I mean, leaving aside that this was first aired in 2006 or something and said kid now probably has probably Daniel Radcliffed into a veritable monster of chest hair by now...
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I had watermelon for breakfast and greens for lunch, probably soon to be followed by iced tea. Hey, Deep South, would you like your food back? Well, too bad. I'm enjoying it too much.

It's flippin' hot right now. If I were a different sort, I'd be sprinting down to the pool in the centre of the apartment complex... but instead I am the sort sitting here playing FFXIII. I appreciate that I may be extremely late to the party, but you can all blame Scotland. (Generally the thing to do...?) Oh, but it is a sweet, sweet party, however late I am. The graphics! The music! The battle system I hated at first but am now slowly coming to enjoy! The afro-dwelling chocobo! The sheer volume of SEXINESS!

I appreciate having been warned about Hope's irritating qualities - my contrary nature kicked in and decided to like him however aggravating and stupid he acts. Snow, on the other hand... Man, in some ways, I like him so much... and in others... Well, let's just say that the next person to scream 'SEEEERAAAAAAAAAH!' at top of lungs is getting a fist in the face. And maybe Vanille, too. Just... both of you. Stop. Talking. Stop making extraneous squeaks and gasps and giggles every time you take two consecutive steps. Just. ARGH. I keep trying to tell myself that she's obviously suffering from some deep emotional trauma (or maybe I just feel like hoping she's been beaten, raped, orphaned, blahblahblah because it makes me feel better?) which causes her to be so neurotically, obsessively happy. And the whole knock-kneed anorexic fashion model pose at the end of every battle is kind of making me rage a little.

It's okay, though. Lighting is super hot, and a major bitchface, in the good way... so I think I'll survive. (Read: I'll be in my bunk.)

And now back to letting Snow get his arse handed to him. >:]


HOLY SHIT WHAT WHEN DID THEY DO AN ENGLISH DUB OF BROTHERHOOD. WHAT. Have I seriously been on the moon for the past year?
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Envy died last night. I knew he was dying. Last night I carried him to my parents' bedroom, where we all made a fuss of him, and stroked the fur on his head, remarked how he'd lost weight and fur, and gave him kisses on the nose.

I went into my room and lay in bed with him sitting on my chest, light as a feather and frail as dust. I couldn't feel the energy coming off him, like I could before. His paws were cold and stiff. I considered staying up all night like that, holding him, so that I could be there when he died, be with him to the last. After a while, close to midnight, I put him back in his cage. He curled up under his little cotton blanket, and, from my bed, I sang him a lullabye. Just before I drifted off to sleep, I told him that I loved him and was glad I got to have him as a pet.

When I woke up, I lifted his blanket and found him still. He had gone into rigor mortis already, so he must have died not long after I went to sleep. I took him downstairs, and he had one final fuss made of him, with more nose-kisses and head-strokings. Then we put him in a little tea box, and in just a little bit, he'll be buried next to Sloth.

And they can be together again, be it in a flower or an insect, or a tree. Or maybe there's a mouse afterlife, and the two of them are shredding newspaper and taking naps together as I write this.

(My maternal grandmother also died a few weeks back, but she was not under my care, and as such I feel no sense of guilt or loss over her. Besides, she was old as the hills and kind of scary. Because that's totally a reasonable justification for not caring.)

And a blogthing:
Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

(BTW, look up Hitsuji no Uta on YouTube. It's a four-part anime adaptation of the messed up vampire manga!)


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