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• I used to be able to do 50 push-ups in one go without pause. Today I managed five before I had to put my knees down. FML.

• You know how sometimes your fingernail separates from the finger just a wee bit and you end up with this tiny little open wound under the tip of your fingernail? I gave myself one of those last night peeling a lemon - ouch - and just now as I was taking out the compost and turning it in the bin, I got decomposing vegetable matter in it - ouch again.

• The other day I downloaded a parody bingo sheet of "feminist" discussion about transpeople. I was colouring it in all garish and eye-searing when Kate walked by, took a glance to see what I was doing, and gave a little hurt-puppy sort of whimper. Maybe she didn't see the massive sarcasm quotes?

• Apparently, on TVTropes there's a page dedicated to Men Of A Thousand Voices. I didn't know this was particularly uncommon/special. I mean, Basch and Bloo? Hakoda and Bumi? Serah and Lust? Heck, I'm no master, and even I've been cast as everything from crazy old men to Misa-impersonating lovestruck teenage girls to Cambridge-accented owls and everything in between. I guess I thought it was par for the course that unless you had an extremely marketable voice (why hello there, Vic Mignogna) you just had to be able to do anything and everything. Or that could just be my stage-brain talking, because of course I know next-to-nothing of the inner workings of anything for screen. Or of anything big-budget, really. I suppose in The Real World of People Who Made It, they can afford to pick and chose one-trick ponies?

• So, as much as I've ranted and raved and foamed at the mouth that under no circumstances would I EVER get a kanji tattoo… I now want both kanji AND hanzi tattoos. Wtf, self. The Chinese one is a real, honest-to-god proverb that actually means what it says it does - "better three days without food than one day without tea" and I swear it's just to provide a focal point for a tattoo of a cup of tea with swirly steam and a couple camellia (Sinensis, naturally) branches and flowers. The Japanese is 'kishi kaisei' which apparently is a yojijukugo - a four-character idiom. Heathen that I am, I knew of it first from Ajikan lyrics. *shame* But it a) sounds pretty to say (What's that you say? Song lyrics? Sound pretty? Who would ever have thought of that?) b) looks pretty written out, having been created by people wiser than I, and c) means basically bringing something back from the dead. Which is kind of appropriate for the number of times such things have happened to me. I might get it as a scarification, though, just so I can get away on the technicality that it's not actually a kanji tattoo. I'd have a tattoo… that is hanzi and I'd have kanji… that is not a tattoo. We might also give me a slap upside the head because really, these hangups are pretty fucking stupid since I actually know what they mean and this isn't a case of me asking the Korean girl behind me in class to translate my crush's name into 'Chinese letters' or whateverthefuck it is that causes awful word-salad tattoos. (Like these) And in case anyone's wondering (of course you are) the tea one goes on the left side of my ribcage, and the yojijukugo goes on the inside of my left upper arm. Putting them right next to each other, so if they decide to reenact history, they don't have very far to go to start killing each other.

• While we're on the subject of body modification, I know I want a conch and a rook on opposite sides. I just can't decide which goes where. Oh, and the second piercing in my right lobe just magically decided to double in size yesterday. I had a 4mm talon in it, which was starting to bug me, so I swapped it for one of my black-and-white plugs. Which fell out. So I'm now wearing the Patriotic Frenchman plugs Emily gave me when I was stretching the lower ones. Don't ask me how this happened. I guess I just have rubber ears.

• Is it terribly vain to read through my old work and laugh at my own quips? I don't care, I'm doing it anyway - especially when my old NaNo stories contain such gems as: '...still trying in vain to rearrange her hair in such a manner that she did not look quite so much like she had just been dragged through a hedge backwards - or through a bordello both ways.'


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