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Playing open-ended creative games (Neopets, Farmville, The Sims) is hell on my creativity.

Action-adventure role-playing games on the other hand...

I've been playing Ocarina of Time, properly, for the first time ever. I've been known to play around in the Lost Woods or maybe beat the first dungeon, but mostly I only rode around on my brother's coattails just sitting around as a little kid watching him play or booting up his old save file and running around totally overpowered, killing tektites and riding around on Epona. So it's actually really fun to boot up this old game and get stuck into it. It's nice to realise that as old as this game is, as jagged as the polygons on the Great Fairy's breasts are, I still found myself wandering around the forest temple in awe of its twisted scenery, still jumped three feet in the air the first time a Wallmaster dropped from the ceiling and grabbed me (...bastard).

And, as I've been playing, my brain has been shadowing the motions of the plot, taking snapshots of the images, finding inspiration under all sorts of wooden crates and in all sorts of time-warping-fox-shrieking-brain-eating zombie infested graves. No, really. Those zombies. They still scare me. That chorus of low moans, the way they stand there staring, then that horrible scream, and everything else freezes as it does this weird underwater shuffle towards you, and if you're too close, you suddenly have this tangle of limbs and throaty noises clamped onto your neck and it's shivering and sucking the life out of you and you can't get the fucking thing off.

But. As I was saying. Creativity. The NaNoWriMo idea with which I started, before the butterflies and politicians and opium? The one about the heroic sociopath and the boy with the weeping stone eyes, the one that died? Suddenly Cait finds herself in a bar, confronted with a suspiciously youthful sorceress (and her strange companion, enslaved to the last heartbeat in body but not at all affected in mind) who sends her on a quest for which the only reward is a clean death. And now, thinking about the lack of timeline in the Zelda series, I blurt out, without thinking, "What if I wrote sixteen short stories, unconnected but for the names of the protagonists?" and then decide maybe that's not a bad idea...

Why yes, this would be why my Neopets are starving and my FB feed is mercifully uncluttered. :P


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