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I don't care if it's silly or childish. Writing cover letters is something I find really difficult and scary. I never know what I'm supposed to say, and really the templates available online have never been particularly helpful. I'm not applying for a desk job at a bank. I'm not applying to be the volunteer coordinator at a charitable organisation. I'm not applying for a paid internship at a research laboratory. I'm applying for minimum wage service jobs so I have something that will let me scrape by with some level of self-sufficiency. I haven't found something that explains the right way to say 'I don't think this is the worst thing I could do for ten dollars an hour and I don't think I would be the worst person at this job, so please disregard my patchy and irrelevant work experience' in words that make any of that sound like a good thing.

And then I explain that I'm not going to a job fair this morning because I noticed late last night that they wanted a resumé and cover letter, because I don't think the sort of cover letter I could write at one in the morning (or at seven in the morning) would be worth the paper on which I'd print it...

'Oh, just write one!'

'It'll take you five minutes.'

'Cover letters are easy! Just say why you want to work there!'

'Why don't you just write one?'

'Oh, well they've decided they don't want to go.'

No. I really did want to go. It seemed promising. I would probably be pretty good at a job that involves cleaning up little tubs of add-your-own condiments, making sure frozen yoghurt machines are still functioning, and pushing buttons on a touchscreen to charge people for their yoghurt tubs. Partly because a trained monkey or a sufficiently advanced Roomba could do that, and partly because hey - at least lots of cool-looking people walk through malls, and they play music that isn't the same three Christmas songs on repeat, so I'm pretty happy with that.

That's about all I've got.

But apparently writing brilliant cover letters that get the jobs rolling in like waves of a flood tide is nothing at all. Anyone could do it. No problem.

Please explain what that implies about me.


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