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I just joined up with a website where users correct each others' blog entries as a means to learn a new language. It's better than it sounds - I think. But given that the language I'm trying to learn, and thus the pool of English-language entries I see... Well hello, current events.

It's a weird feeling to see posts on the earthquake from those who experienced it first hand, in all manner of syntax and skill level, while I'm slaving over a two-sentence post comprising nothing but infantile drivel over how this picture of a spider has cute little stripey legs. Because that's what I can manage to say. That's about ALL I can manage to say. It made me kind of see - perhaps just see more clearly? - how much I rely on words, how much they are a part of my experience of the world, an extension of my senses. Feeling divorced from that fundamental character trait feels, to be honest, kind of scary, and really a bit frustrating.

Then again, there was an entry that popped up, the first sentence of which read 'I can't tell what I want to say in English.' There we were, two people looking at one another through the strange spaceless void that is the internet, probably in quite different circumstances (for all my angst, I didn't just weather a massive earthquake) yet feeling much the same way. It's one thing to feel small. It's another to be a mote of dust in an empty room and glance through a sunbeam to find yourself facing another feathery speck glancing back.

Her English, I must say, was much better than my Japanese. And by 'much' I mean I want some kind of Medal of Understatement. Or, like, Bottlecap of Understatement, if that's more appropriate. Or... I don't know where that metaphor is going.
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I. cannot. write. this. damn. character.

I was copying down some song lyrics so I could kill multiple birds with a single stone, but I got to that one little 愛 and found myself scratching out some of the worst kanji I have ever attempted to write. WTF? It's not even a particularly difficult character! Why have I resorted to grabbing scrap paper and drawing little practice grids? I may yet sink to tracing, at this rate. But it's none of the others giving me this trouble. Just 愛.

I fear this may say uncomfortable things about my character.
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Terri has me transcribing Miyazaki scripts for plays (this is slightly less illegal than it sounds). I'm about a third of the way through Princess Mononoke, and the leper chief has this interesting line:


The interlinear translation on the transcript I have translates this as "I curse the world, I curse people, and yet I still want to live." The subtitles on the movie, however (these may be fansubs or they may be a rip; I couldn't find my disc D:) translate the line as "The world is cursed, people are cursed, yet still we want to live."

Two completely different meanings. I don't know which one I like better, or how to phrase it in English to retain both interpretations...


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