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So. I was sitting around last night, thinking about Of Faery Blood and Witches. Specifically, how it needs more men. The two or three men in the cast who do exist never meet. So I sought slash. Yeah. I sat down and started slashing my own story.*cough*Grindelwald*cough*

So I took Viana's half-brother/cousin (her mother first married her father's brother, had a child, and then married Viana's father. So the kid is both her cousin and her half-brother) and her uncle, and made them into characters. With names. And I let Hast, the cousin, take on a bit of Zuko in his fervor to reclaim his runaway slave/half-sister/cousin. Which somehow led to him appearing at the brothel where she works with Aren, and Aren, much to my amusement, piped up "why don't I have buttsex with him?"

So now my story is slashing itself. Does that make it canon? I don't know. X(

Anyway, Aren (come on, he's a male prostitute, which basically makes him the slash bitch) then proceded to come up with all sorts of situations in which he was engaging in not-strictly-canon  gay sex.  His first time, learning the ropes of child prostitution from an older boy who was also in the business of buggery? The services he provided for the mayor? That one time when he avoided arrest by paying off his captor in blowjobs? Oh, the possibilities!

Of course, I was trying to sleep, so I was like, "Aren, can't this wait until morning when I will be alive enough to remember any of this?"

That's still one character as the bicycle of the story. Ylcaur, Aevryn, Sparrow, get busy.

I've got plenty of femslash possibilities, though!


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