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Guys, this is weird. I just had a moment of appreciation for my body. O_O

I've been nomming down soy stuff like a fiend the past couple of days - I went through four veggie burgers* in two days, and just had half a pound of tofu for lunch, and then went to make myself a soy/almond latte - and as I was making my latte I looked at the frothy milk, musing about how I am probably just on the verge of turning into a soya bean, and thought, 'Hey, wait a sec. Soya, phytoestrogens, early luteal phase... OH YOU CLEVER LITTLE BODY YOU.' If I recall correctly, phytoestrogens don't actually behave like girl estrogens in the body because, y'know, they come from plants, but you've got to give it points for trying.

*I have found gluten-free veggie burgers, for a decent price, which taste awesome. TEARS OF JOY.


May. 16th, 2010 08:03 pm
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I've got it. The real threshold of vegetarianism. You are a vegetarian as soon as the complexity of organism you eschew takes you outside the realms of bacon.

Vegans? No bacon. Ovo-lacto vegetarians? No bacon. Pescetarians? Fish aren't vegetables, and yet for some reason the fish-eating vegetarian is readily accepted. But "I'm a vegetarian but I eat feathered bipeds" won't fly, if you'll pardon the atrocious pun. Why? Because those who eat poultry have crossed a line... And that line is turkey bacon.

(I apologise profusely for the inanity of this entry.)
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Holy shit.

I mean, since it's yeast I kinda figured it would have B vitamins... But this is quite beyond my expectations. Fiber and protein, as well as a whole day's worth of B12? I am psyched.

Oh, and this also means that my macaroni and yeast beats your macaroni and cheese.

Vegan = Love


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